Saturday 8 October 2011

Winter is on it's way!

The temperature has dropped so now busy insulating all the outdoor enclosures for the winter. The hawks are fine, but some of the outdoor reptile enclosures need constant heat and industrial amounts of bubble wrap! All of the vivariums also have their own personal thermostat and heat source, so noone should get chilly.

We are now on Facebook and I am uploading some pictures and videos onto there as often as I can.

Edith, the oldest rat, is starting to slow down quite considerably now. She is an old girl (well over 2) and has been putting on a bit too much weight recently. Even with her wheel and rope gym she tends to just flop in the wheel and wait for someone to come and play. She comes out every day for excersise and playtime and is investigating the printer as I type this!

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