Monday 24 February 2014

A Sticky situation.

On a pouring wet afternoon last November, I drove home with a tiny parcel of baby Giant Spiny stick insects on my passenger seat. They were quite an unexpected addition and we fell in love with them instantly. Even as hatchlings they had a fantastic array of colours amongst them, especially the tiny lady pictured here.

Luckily we had some small glass tanks readily available to house the new babies, plus a soaking wet British afternoon makes the perfect time to go bramble hunting!

Of course, they've changed a little since then. Here's the same lady three months later and still growing.Suddenly our small glass tanks appeared to be shrinking. At present we have four large females and five medium sized males plus our resident matriarch, known endearingly as Granny Stick, who comes out to all our Animal Encounter events and is an incredible two years old!  A new tank was in order.

All the stick insects seem happy in their new extended home. Even Granny has given it her seal of approval by ovipositing continually these past few days.


This week's project is going to be slightly more involved - creating a suitable new home for our rescued baby Bosc monitor.

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