Tuesday 23 July 2013

Once again the summer is upon us . . .

Once again the heat has been nearly unbearable for both us and the animals. Trying to keep the snake room under 35 degrees C has been tricky for the last few weeks.

Luckily we have been very busy so most of the animals have spent most of the time during the extreme weather out and about and have been able to cool off in the evening in their baths.

Our new babies Mibble:

and Bobbi:

have settled in well and are now part of the Chris's Animal Encounter team.

Annie and Clarabel the White's Tree Frogs (named by a Thomas the Tank Engine enthusiast) are also ready to go when we start at Thurleigh Farm Centre on the 1st of August.


It's been an incredibly busy year so far but we still have availability for the winter term so if interested please visit our website at www.tropicalencounters.co.uk and see how we can bring your topic alive for the winter.

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