Tuesday 2 August 2011

Heat, heat, heat!

Normally the biggest problem is keeping everyone at a high enough temperature - today we had the issue of keeping the animals cool. Even with fans blowing, all windows and vents open and even a de-humidifier and misting to get evaporation cooling the main animal areas still hit 34C. Bit warm, but everyone endured it well.

Siren (the Harris' Hawk) was not happy today. She's having a starve day before her debut in front of crowds tomorrow. It's hard to see her peckish (she's a good 10 ounces over her hunting weight, so she's hardly struggling) but I know she'll be a right pain if she's fed today. She's spent the day with her bath under the Oak tree - blissfully shaded. Felt quite jealous watching her bathing in the water while sweltering in the sun.

The animals having the biggest problems in the heat are the Rats. Their drinking bottles are emptying at an unprecedented rate! Have put baths in to aid cooling. Edith (our large female rat) had to come inside and be fussed for about an hour. She loved being sprayed from a mister to cool down.

Can't wait for Wednesday night - hopefully a good rain will ease this humidity.

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